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Hello Friends

Passion is described as having a strong feeling or belief of something.  Hi, my name is Sam, and I have a passion for feeding people.
I was born in England to a big family who loved to entertain.  My early memories of helping out my family in the kitchen were definitely out of a need and not a want.  Eventually, I started cooking because I enjoyed it and delighted in seeing how it nurtured my friends and family with the love, care and dedication I put into preparing every dish.
You can taste the love in my food because I pour myself into it and work on it like an artist would a piece of art.  Art nourishes the soul.  After the dish is complete, I look forward to sharing it with my circle of friends and family, nourishing their souls along with mine in the process.
Please join me on this adventure of awakening your taste buds and filling your tummy with a love that will touch you to your toes 😊.

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